• Participate in Handball Competition in state level (2009)
  • Paricipate in 4 x 400m in school level (2010)
  • Third place in Hari Inovasi Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Kedah (2012)
  • Participate in Choral Speaking Competition in district level (2011 and 2013)
  •  Appointed as Dynamic Peers SMKDSA (2013)
  • participate in netball competition in school level (2013)
  • Attend D-CODE camp (2013)
  • Participate in National Chemistry Quiz (2014)
  • participate in MIA-Sunway TES Accounting quiz 2014 in national level (2014)
  • LCCI certificate (2014)
  • First place for Inter College Art Festival in nyanyian irama Malaysia competition. (as a back up dancer) (2017)
  • Participate In Be $MART programme conducted by CIMB Foundation.




LCCI certificate


MIA- Sunway TES Accounting quiz










PAL Leader certificate


D-CODE certificate











Hari Inovasi certificate



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